If you’re like most business owners I know, your passion is evident to everyone who walks through your physical or virtual doors. You’re focused on delivering your best to your clients. Unfortunately, the daily demands on your time to run your business (and have a life) have you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

You Know You Should Be Doing More To Promote Your Business But ...

There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day (or night) to write blog posts, to be engaging on social media, or to implement new ways to attract more clients. You’re wondering how many different marketing activities you have to try and why your efforts so far have been met with lackluster success. You have a vision of where you want to take your business, but you’re not sure how to get there and you feel STUCK.

I get it and I can help!

Hey There! I'm Wendy Hughes

I’m a marketing strategist, designer, and the founder of WKH Marketing Group. As a business owner myself, I understand the struggle and how challenging marketing can be in today’s ever-changing and noisy digital world. But it doesn’t have to be …

I help small business owners, like you, develop and implement sustainable business and marketing strategies. With a focused approach to determining the best marketing activities that align with your business and resources, you’ll find marketing isn’t so overwhelming and can help you get game-changing results – more visibility, more clients, more revenue.

My 20+ years of marketing and business experience translates into a creative, big-picture approach to developing proven strategies that simplify marketing and get results for my clients.

Wendy Hughes - Founder of WKH Marketing Group

Keep reading to learn more about my journey ...

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2012, after leaving my corporate job as a Marketing Manager in a Fortune 50 company. Why did I leave? I wanted to make a bigger impact by providing my corporate business and marketing expertise scaled to fit small businesses.

This Just In...Marketing Is My Calling

In college, I started out planning for a career in broadcast communications — hello campus TV reporter. Being on campus TV was exciting, but my direction changed after making a new friend who was studying computer information systems. We started discussing the future of technology and having our own IT business. The more we talked, the more I realized broadcasting wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. Because I loved the creative aspects of marketing, I decided to change my major.

After spending months working on a senior project, I knew I had made the right decision. Our team was responsible for creating a promotional campaign for an historic Denver neighborhood, Five Points. Our campaign was designed to help this diverse community improve its image to increase traffic to the many locally owned businesses. Through extensive research of the local business owners, I gained detailed insights into their challenges, and discovered how having a well-planned marketing campaign could have a major impact not only on a business, but also a community.

Going International

During my final year of college, I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in London, England, where I completed my senior level international marketing courses. The major highlights of my studies included a round-table with a Member of the European Parliament and learning about marketing promotion over a pint at the private grand opening of a new pub. The courses were tough, but I learned so much about the international business community.  It was also my first trip to Europe, so during course breaks, I traveled all over England, Scotland, Ireland, and France.

After returning home, I completed two very different marketing internships – one at Denver’s local PBS station and the other at a Fortune 50 corporation. Building my marketing foundation in both a non-profit and a corporate giant started my well-rounded career.

About WKH Marketing

CLIMBING The Corporate Ladder

Ultimately, I joined that corporate giant and spent the next 15 years working my way up the company ladder. Along the way, I built my expertise in branding, marketing strategy, business operations, human resources, project management, and sales while managing multi-million dollar budgets. 

I loved the corporate world – working with companies of all sizes.  tradeshows, coordinating events, leading sales training, working with CEOs, and travelling worldwide. Meeting with business partners in Sicily, providing sales training in the South of France, and working with international companies at the Drake Hotel in Chicago gave me a broader perspective on how companies across the world operate. 

A New Passion To Make A Greater Impact

Although I enjoyed the fast-paced corporate world, I wanted to do something that would make more of an (personal) impact. In 2011, after learning about a corporate shake-up, I decided it was time to embark on a new adventure and left the corporate world in my rear view mirror. For 6 months, I traveled and took classes that led to an Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) designation in social media marketing.

Finally, I had time to volunteer at a local nonprofit. While volunteering, I saw first-hand how challenging marketing can be for small businesses and organizations that lack a dedicated, experienced marketing staff. I watched them struggle with unclear brand messaging, inconsistent outreach, confusion over social media trends, and nonexistent or limited marketing systems.  Eager to help and ready for a new challenge, I established a marketing consulting agency to provide Fortune 500 expertise scaled to fit small businesses. 

Today, more than 7 years later, I’ve helped many amazing clients across a variety of industries to improve their marketing efforts and grow their business. I value the relationship I have as a trusted adviser and strategic partner for each of my clients. As a client, your success is my success. Let me help you achieve better results from your marketing and business efforts.

Let's Get You On The Path to achieving your goals and GROWing A profitable, Standout business!

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