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You Want To Make A Big Impact In Your Industry. But, You're Struggling To Connect With Your Clients

You know that marketing is important to your success, but your results are disappointing. If only you could pinpoint and fix what isn’t working, you’d be able to get more people coming through your physical and virtual doors. 

You question all of your marketing efforts and aren’t sure if you’re focusing on the right activities. You don’t know where to start and you feel STUCK. You’re desperate for help to get your marketing and business headed in the right direction. 

If Only You Knew How To Identify And Fix What's Not Working In Your Marketing

Imagine being able to identify the 3 biggest issues that are holding you back from getting more traction from your marketing efforts. Knowing the exact steps to take to address those issues to get you moving in the right direction. That’s where the Marketing Kickstart Session can change your business and take you from feeling disappointed with your efforts to getting unstuck and on the path to attracting more of your ideal clients. 

With a focused approach to determining the best marketing activities that align with your business and resources, you’ll find marketing isn’t so overwhelming and can help you get game-changing results – more visibility, more clients, more revenue. 


Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Let me help you get unstuck And give your marketing a Kickstart

I’m a marketing consultant that works with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who are struggling to find the best ways to reach and nurture their clients and stand out from the competition. They’re fed up with spending time and money to get lackluster results and are overwhelmed trying to figure out marketing on their own. I help them to develop actionable strategies that simplify their day-to-day marketing tasks, boost reach, and accelerate their business growth.

As a result of your MARKETING Kickstart Session, you'll ...

what's included?



Clarity questionnaire

Once you’ve purchased your session, you’ll complete a questionnaire designed to get you thinking about your business, vision, and goals. It will also provide important insights into your current marketing activities. This information is crucial and lays the foundation for your Kickstart Session and action plan, so we can address your unique challenges.



Kickstart strategy session

After completing your pre-work, you’ll join me on a 60-minute video session where I’ll guide you through uncovering your top 3 marketing issues. We’ll work together on a high priority action plan that considers your goals, resources, and sets you up for success. By the end of the session, you’ll have a step-by-step plan of action for what and how to improve your marketing to start generating better results immediately.



start taking action

Over the next two to four weeks, you’ll begin implementing your high priority action plan. With the steps you learned during your Kickstart Session, you’ll be more efficient in your marketing efforts and more focused tracking your progress. With your plan, you won’t waste time wondering if you are on the right track to success.



Momentum session

Keep your momentum going! Four weeks after your Kickstart Session, we’ll meet again for 30-minutes to check-in on your progress, answer any questions, and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. This session will help you stay focused, motivated, and be successful putting your plan into action to improve your marketing.

with a marketing kickstart session

You Can Finally uncover The marketing issues that are holding you back and know the immediate steps to take to fix those issues, so you can start Attracting More clients and achieving your goals. I’ll be your expert guide and help you Take The First Step To building a standout business.



client PRAISE


"Highly professional results from someone who turns every business relationship into a friendship. Never had a single issue with getting questions answered when I had them."
Dave Burger, Front Range Steamway
"WKH Marketing is a worthy and capable marketing company that can compete (and win) with the larger companies. WKH Marketing is a great value for the product they generate."
Dana Veitch, Kisscam, LLC

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3 ...

Take the next step to KICKSTART YOUr Marketing

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